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Long-Term Care Coverage

Long-term care statistics are staggering. 

The odds of a person needing long-term care are one in two, meaning potentially half of your clients will need to cover long-term care costs. And to bring those odds into a more realistic number - 0% or 100% - either your clients will need long term care, or they won't. Unfortunately, many don't have coverage in place because of the rising cost of long-term care insurance premiums


Today's economy calls for unique ways for executives and businesses to fund retirement. Many companies have suspended retirement plan contributions and key employees are feeling the strain on their retirement plans. Companies risk losing key employees who need to max fund their retirement plan, but fall short due to the inability of the company to match the employee's contribution into the plan.

Consider these facts:

  • 33% of all businesses have a non-qualified deferred compensation program
  • 50% of all non-qualified deferred compensation programs were put in place to retain key employees
  • 46% of executives are concerned about maintaining their standard of living during retirement
  • Non-qualified deferred compensation plans are valued by executives more than any other plan except stock options

Lincoln Financial Group offers a patented illustration and administrative system that surrounds the standard Lincoln suite of life products. This program shows how to use business assets to provide non-qualified retirement income to executives and key employees - and it's free from 409A compliance!

Through this program, the business can benefit from:

  • Death benefit on the life of the executive/key employee
  • Either tax deduction for premiums paid or 100% of premiums returned to the business
  • Product is 100% liquid when available rider is added
  • Golden handcuffs on the executive/key employee while providing them a retirement legacy

The executive/key employee can benefit from:

  • Death benefit on the life of the executive/key employee to go to designated beneficiary
  • Leveraging company assets to provide retirement income at low cost
  • Cash value growth that can provide an income tax-free stream of retirement income
  • Golden parachute to allow the executive/key employee to transition into retirement

This is truly a unique program that provides retirement income to the executive/key employee while "handcuffing" them to the business, bundled into an administered and monitored plan to ensure the business and executive's financial objectives are being met. Couple that with an average case premium of $70,000 and it's easy to see the large opportunity in this market niche.

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Income Edge Rider

Senior clients face a myriad of financial challenges up to, and through retirement. As medical advances help your clients live longer, it brings with it planning opportunities for you to help them face, and potentially overcome, these many challenges. Your clients want to maintain a reasonable standard of living during retirement but increasing inflation, long-term care and health care costs can put a damper on those dreams.¹

  • + From 1980 - 2007 US inflation ranged from 1.1% to 8.9% with an average of 3.5%, while income and most retirement plans have not kept pace
  • + Life expectancy has increased among 65 year olds; 17 years for men and 20 years for women
  • + Long-term care expenses can reach upwards of $70,000 a year and long-term care premiums have increasingly become less affordable
  • + Health insurance premiums have increased along with out-of-pocket expenses and a catastrophic illness not covered by Medicaid could cost an over-65 couple over $1,000,000

It's easy to see why your senior clients are concerned that their income will not be able to sustain all their needs throughout retirement. However, there are products available designed to help meet, and overcome, these challenges.

Available through to agents of first heartland financial group are products and riders that can provide inflation and market volatility protection, a minimum 5% guaranteed growth on your clients' money and guaranteed income streams as high as 8.5%!² These same products also provide nursing home and terminal illness benefits. Couple that with the guaranteed income stream and your clients have the tools to help them combat the rising costs associated with aging in retirement.

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¹ Society of Actuaries

²Inflation protection provided through Lincoln SmartIncomeSM Inflation Annuity. Guaranteed growth and income provided through Lincoln Lifetime IncomeSMEdge rider when added to approved Lincoln Indexed Annuity. Guaranteed payouts based on number of years before payments start and client's age. Products and features are subject to state availability. Limitations and exclusions may apply.

*Source: Univita and Lincoln Financial Group, “2013 Cost of Care.  Survey,” December 2012; For a printed copy of the survey, call 877-ASK-LINCOLN.